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Mobile digital mobile power

Mobile digital mobile power

Main function
double USB output interface, can while to 2 a phone or digital equipment charging
5000mAh high capacity lithium polymer electric core, equivalent to 5-6 block phone battery, can for phone standby 30 days
lasting durable, charging and discharging cycle times ≥ 500 times
intelligent control, microcomputer intelligent monitoring and displayed power
single key fly Shuttle, a press can achieved all function operation
automatically dormant, non-work State Xia automatically dormant, Prevent power loss
for many, used mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital products such as GPS
Plug and play, USB port power output, plug in the data cable carry, feel free to charge
value sharing can be realized without carrying all kinds of chargers, random comes with adapters for the various brands of mobile phone charger

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