For older birthday gifts
Chrysanthemum: alias "birthday". For elderly birthday, color can pick red, and pink, and purple, meaning found, health longevity
tieshu: meaning auspicious longevity
bergamot: "Buddha" and Gospel near, was considered auspicious of real, gift elderly, meaning more Fu more life
longevity spent: can used to blessing home Le longevity, auspicious rich
turtle bamboo: was called "plant turtle" symbol longevity auspicious
pine, and crane looked Blue: Pine Crane longevity, is congratulated elderly longevity of flowers
Evergreen, and longevity grass : Congratulated elderly longevity of flowers
Crape Myrtle, and a magenta, and fairy guest to: meaning health longevity
longevity comb: wish elderly happiness longevity
Peony: he rich splendor of flowers
Gladioli: congratulated elderly Corning
from nandina domestica: congratulated happiness longevity of flowers
traditional life category
life Zhang: with sharply or whole site cloth problem to JI language congratulation, General has chudo size, more for Golden, and red
shoulian: birthday with of couplets
Peach: made with fresh peaches, most are made with flour
birthday noodles with wine when the birthday: birthday noodles 3 feet longer, each to be hundreds more, pyramid-shaped. Cover of red and green paper flowers, birthday offering to double
birthday candle: wax on the surface with the Golden "birthday" or "blessing" the words used as a celebration, add to the lively atmosphere
Shou Ping: inscribed above auspicious birthday greeting or the elderly, such as peach, the Eight Immortals picture, tied for hanging on the wall. On the screen or table plaque put on display a few.
rich septuagenarian: painting with blooming peonies, flying saucers, cat, peonies symbolize wealth, the cat and the "oldest" homophonic, combined with "die" homophonic
Fu, Lu and Shou figure: a t999 bouquet of peach with deer, there are flies on bats. Deer homophonic "Peter" official promotion of meaning; bat homophonic "Fu", Yu happiness often with of meaning
General life category
cash: with red of Red packaging good, wrote Shang congratulated language and inscribed
design fine of cake: according to number how many, purchase size right of cake
gold cards: has Memorial meaning, please select for elderly of type
painting or other art: as jade business small Peja pieces more by welcomes, more to longevity, and bat, auspicious pattern mainly
tonic drug, and Tonic food: note it of shelf life and the applies crowd
luxury medical: best is has you accompanied to hospital, such elderly will was more pleasant
rod, and hooks, and fish standard,: also but other items, note is elderly hobby and interested in of items
crutches, and padded back Chair, and reading glasses, and magnifying glass,: can for elderly brings life convenience of items
clothes, and lining,: as silk robe, meaning like pumping constantly of silk as longevity continuous

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