Spring Festival shopping gift
According to Chinese customs, the Spring Festival, among the friends and family thanks to the new year, giving some gifts. With the Spring Festival approaching, reciprocity has become a hot topic among friends. The key is, how can I send my new recipients of the natural, and quite happy about it? Reciprocity between friends and family, without anything else, just wishes and communicate each other. But now more and more new, a lot of people frustrated worked out, hold onto the money in his hand but not a good thing, it is worrying. In fact, gift-giving was very knowledgeable and very challenging. Smart people always spend the least money receives the best results, clever people catering and quiet ... ...
the most personal gift
Chinese anything personal. The new year, it's certainly not busy, visit relatives and children, old men no less. And this gift, learning can be a big, human smell to tell us all here! New year's day, first thing to gift appreciated is their parents and elders. You can not grow without the warmth of family and loved ones, and in the eyes of parents and family, no matter how old you are, and will always be children. To the intention of boosting the family, just a little bit, is a filial piety, a blood ties. Product
treatment is the high incidence of chronic diseases, children more often concerned parents, old man's physical condition. May wish to take advantage of the holiday to give parents an electronic blood pressure monitors, old people in good time when you're not home, you can pay attention to the body; if the room is too dry, as far as buying a humidifier, asthma prevention and clean up the air; the elderly does not go out to exercise, you can send a home treadmill.
for the crowd: busy with work can not always take care of their parents, bad parents, young white-collar workers in recommended index
: ★ ★ ★
/> warm although it showed signs of warming, but in the end it was winter. Parents, the old man's body can not withstand the weather and surreal, so warm is important. A thermal underwear, an infrared warm pants, warm body in my heart.
for the crowd: in the field could not go home for the new year, just to work and pick up salary ecstatic or master are parents and family
daulau grow young people recommend index: ★ ★ ★ ★
Spring Festival is a reunion year, nothing is better than seeing children and grandchildren gathered around you can make Seniors happy. So, bring your husband or wife, child, or winter holiday home with it, as long as you can in his parents ' home, cook dinner, chat with the elderly, say a blessing, caring, nothing is more human than that!
for the crowd: all who are working, going to school
recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
If you care about your friends, learned that her new baby, might as well buy some ready-made baby gift sets, baby supplies sophisticated, unique, totally caught their eye.
for the crowd: married young lady, especially added listeners know each other new year's most romantic gift
/> most romantic thing I can think of, is the Spring Festival and gave him her favorite gift, he and she in your collection to be happy on the road, increases every year a warm! Constellation
young people in love value the gift includes romantic elements, useful not useful is immaterial. So, through constellation gave each other an intimate gift, emitting a unique constellation of the original attraction. For example, to cancer boy, you can send long Johns, fine pens, photo frames, it is best you personally prepare a meal by candlelight dinner and sent the girls, may wish to use longzhu her heart brooches and other gifts.
for the crowd: the beginning of dating, or haven't catch up with a few of her (him) recommended
index: agate, pot
★ ★ ★
now send jade, jade, both elegant and avant-garde, also reveals that you have taste, a little classical taste. Buy a piece of agate, jade gave her (him), such as stone got a size "hearts" suit. If reluctant to spend, you can choose a constellation bonsai, as Coke's small, a variety of flower seeds buried in the sand, four seasons can, also in the nurturing your relationship.
for the crowd: lovers in love
recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ☆
/> jewelry for the holidays is a good day, if her wedding in a jubilant atmosphere, that's good. Therefore, the jewelry is of course preferred. Don't be hasty, are sending a new bottle of designer perfume, if there is a way, you can take any personality before her engagement ring to if almost, so beautiful pearl necklaces, fancy bracelet was "stepping stone."

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