Gifts and occasions
What, when and how to send are often troubling problems, even if it is with the deepest love and sometimes to no avail, obviously not be popular to put private gifts, lots of presents issues relating to customs and individual style.   To understand that both would eliminate their doubts and scruples.
gift that sends the most important point is that when you want to make people happy and not to be embarrassed, in order to avoid the occurrence of the latter, there is a basic principle: don't give extravagant gifts in an informal setting to your acquaintances and friends. For example, no matter how wealthy guests, sent her a package, and antique gift box for the hostess, which would make her too much.   A man give a woman a jewelry ring makes her feel embarrassed, which her husband is doing, it will make her happy.
that caused a lot of trouble if you cannot properly understand. It basically refers to the Exchange, but not absolute "forwarding". If it is based on intimacy and affection, mutual benefit based on more seriously than money, close friends and relatives give expensive gifts to each other, feeling him those simple, homemade gift even better, or they can give each other Christmas presents every year symbolically, express love, and a lot less trouble. In intimate relationships, hurtful thing to forget each other's birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions.   For this reason, don't be too confident on your memory, note down their red, up to a few days prior to the arrival of remind yourself to buy the right gift.   
based on good manners and habits, rather than a close relationship, people can exchange gifts, customarily of the gift will not deviate much.  
special occasion gift--wedding, staying at home, and others-and has little direct relationship of mutual benefit, and give out gifts at the right time are welcome. 
If you send a gift, you need to consider the appropriateness of the reason you give a gift, your relationship with the recipient, as well as his will.  

people often exchange gifts in the days of habitual, in life, there are some important event: wedding, baptism, graduation, speaks for itself in these times a generous giver, because gift-giving is one way.   
love is the natural cause of gifts, is also the least restricted, but there is one exception: his female friend from a man may not be very expensive or very personal gift, no matter how he likes her the habit after his marriage broke.    Sometimes, gift-giving is a need carefully is the most basic, and the value of size is not important, left a bottle of wine in front of the new neighbors, Paperboy delivers a pair of fingerless gloves-gifts from the heart.
the relationship between the giver and the recipient:
the more intimate, more degrees of freedom between friends, between family members and friends without any restrictions. An elderly man would send a very precious gift to young people, sent a very expensive wedding gifts for best friend's daughter is also very appropriate. Two people if not familiar, had some reservations but without a present value factor.   Bosses at Christmas and for some special gifts for employees, cash is the best choice.
to choose when gift-giving is not used. Late Christmas and birthdays a bit lose their meaning, but in some cases, postpone gift-giving time is a good idea. Expression of gratitude with the special service, the best gift was sent after the service is completed, shows that the motive is just to thank you. If you have some time away from home, some hospitable to you, then you should show your thanks before leaving. In the day sent a bouquet of flowers is appropriate. If invited to a place you have never been to for the weekend, you can take the ready gifts or send some personal items. People generally accept the invitation and send wedding gifts before the wedding. However, relatives and good friends to the bride said, "I want you to settle down and then give you, so I will know what you really need, you say it's for the better? "The girls love it, but it often need to be reminded.  Because I often couldn't remember the bride.  
unexpected gift, "surprise", was arranged ahead of time, "Christmas basket" was sent to the cabin after the ship to sail, friend journey back to send a small gift, which can make people feel warm.
in theory, the cash is not a good gift, in real life, cash only to people younger than himself, family members and employees. Amount by check, less cash, stocks and bonds is also money, but not as a gift, unlike cash, they can to give to your colleagues, usually with a small note to apologize, "we do not know what you want, so please accept it".

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