Man's pet origin of ZIPPO
In 1932, at the United States the great depression in the middle of a foggy summer night, in country club in Pennsylvania bulafu, George. shenkan Bracy and a friend, that friend with a $ 1 Austria producing lighters cigarette. It was an ugly, remove the copper lid can spark things. &Nbsp;  
    "on your dress, can't you use decent lighter? "Bracy asks.  
    "you know what? George, "his friend said," this stuff works! " 
      Bracy's inspired, he bought this lighter in the United States distribution rights, but sales didn't give him any profit. This lighter trouble. Bracy began the design work and look at the aircraft.  
     Bracy's know their own strength. In his youth in his father's workshop in crafts, 59 hours a week, earning 10 cents per hour. &Nbsp; 
     he Austria lighter into a square box, holding hands are Chiral. Lighter lid with hinges attached to the fuselage, cotton core is surrounded by a net.  
    "so nice" lighter was born. Another great invention----zipper (ZIPPR) inspired Bracy's decision called his new lighter ZIPPO. In addition to the wheels and chassis improvements in surface treatment, Bracy's original has remained the same.  
     ZIPPO produces more than 300 million lighters enjoy lifelong maintenance service, one not only survived. &Nbsp; 
     in 1932, the first ZIPPO released 10 years after production to break the million mark. By 1969, ZIPPO lighters on the market has more than 100 million copies, on April 15, 1996, No. 300 million ZIPPO factory. If 300 million lighters this flat, enough to fill a football field, including the shemenqu shop with 12.8 cm thick layer.

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