Gift culture

Housewarming gifts
Celebrating the moving party organised by the couple or single man who moved into the new House, others can also be organized to welcome. If you would like to take this opportunity to work with a master contact, deepen feelings, consider sending some gifts, of course, don't forget to praise to new house owner a few words. Following is some common of gift:
* day advance sent spent, these spent on can in dining Shi pendulum in living room or table Shang
* with one or two bottle wine or a bottle champagne to
* any food will deeply master love, especially frozen conditioning food or burn cook ham, and chicken, and roast beef, and cake, and fruit,
* CD, and DVD disc
* kitchen accessories
* Queen meal cloth, above plus master of name
* Distributed in the House within the scent of things: such as room sprays, fragrance, Cologne
* beautiful stationery, such as pens, notepads, pencil.
* to host children's gifts.
* other things that can be sent to: knife grinder, candles, door step pad, umbrella stands, picnic, garden tools, scissors, a set of tea cups, door, bathroom supplies, pillows, cookbooks or subscription arrangements for interior decoration magazines.

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