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Promotion gifts
When your colleagues, clients, or who promoted to public relations, do not miss this good opportunity to gift to deepen his good impression of you. Of course, there will be many blessings basket sent to his Office. At this time, you send flower baskets, instead of being submerged in the sea, if tiny, delicate flower basket sent him, you can put it on the desk of each other, also attracted his attention! Select a bright color or flower-rich plants, such as lucky bamboo, money tree, Brazil to blossom. Also can select sent:
* card box, some card box also with lettering of service, carved Shang he of name more has unique sex
* fine pattern composition of table calendar
* coffee cup, and coffee pot, for to has drink coffee habits of
* fountain pen, and pen gift box
* special of pen
* table Shang type of toy, for example, small puzzle
* styling funny of doll, for example, outlet doll and so on * small phase box, can pendulum he family of photos
* Briefcase, suitable for business trip contact person
* ashtray
* * magazine decoration, choose dolls with incentive, cheer, and set it on his desk, he will always think of your caring
* paperweight

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