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Public relations gifts
Gift the most headache things than your partner is unwilling to accept or harsh rhetoric refused, or politely refuse, or after returning, givers are very awkward, throwing good money after bad, really bad. So, how can we prevent the so, send it in? Well the key is to excuse, said the gift circle not circle, your intelligence should be used in this context. Gifts usually have the following method:
1, we
If you send local products, can be said to be home to come here, try to each other, there is little, and didn't pay, not really buying. He accepted, usually the recipients to those fearing you aim too strong refused mentality, is expected to ease, it will accept your gift.
2, secret
If you send things like wine, may under the guise that others send you two bottles of wine, to have discretion with each other to drink, drink bottle to bottle, gift to send, and close, without a trace, not be wonderful.
3, and take horse Guide
sometimes you wants to gift to people and other is and and you eight pole pulled not Shang relationship, you may wish to selected gift who of health Christmas married day, invited Shang several acquaintances with to gift congratulated, as shower who will bad rejected has, dang after know this idea is you out of Shi, must change on you of views, with everyone of power reached gift Fellowship of purpose, real for best.
4, and also
have something to support Mr Liu to, want to send gifts to dredge, fear Mr Liu refused, split his face. Mr Zhang's wife and Mr LAU's girlfriend very well, Mrs Zhang with the diplomacy, was visited by Lady with a gift, became a success, has already accepted, also do it, both ways, sometimes straight from the shoulder rather than the circuitous exercise can do wonders for resumption.
5, and first said is take
you if sent of is real, may wish to said, this things I home put with is put with, let he took to first with, future buy has again also; as sent of is money , can said took some first spent, yihou has has again also, as long as you not urged with to he also, forever also into has sent has, such also can reduced shower who of psychological burden, you gift of purpose on reached has.
6, opportunity to lay
a subordinate supervisor grace a lot, always wanted to return, but they have no chance, and one day, by accident, he found boss mahogany framed calligraphy and painting is a painting in the frame rubbing, and home to tasteful furnishings are less coordinated, and his uncle is a national famous calligrapher, and his gift in hand calligraphy and painting. He took pictures, take the initiative to put it in the frame, the boss not only did not object to, but love, purpose of the gift is finally achieved.
7, borrow road bridge
you can say when gift recipients is based on ex-factory price, wholesale price, the price to buy the symbolic to the recipients received some of the costs, effects and gifts received by non-virtualized, the recipients sent money to close something, you feel at ease, without fear.

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