Gift culture

Personal gifts
State of ceremonies since ancient times in China, traditionally focused on reciprocity. "Benevolence, instrument, propriety, wisdom, faith", "Li" Confucianism, China is the most classic, one of the most brilliant pages. It will have far-reaching effects, still attracts people's esteem. Therefore, the gifts can best express a way of communicating. Objectively speaking, gift-giving time, environment, customs control subjectively speaking, different gifts for object, for the purpose. So, give gifts is an art.
individuals sending gifts to consider:
everyone has certain gifts gift purpose purpose, friends give gifts is to deepen friendship, parents give their children a gift is to promote family, husband to wife gifts is the sublimation of love. Staff members give leadership gift is good for deepening affair. Therefore, different gift giving purposes decided to purchase a variety of gifts.
gift objects for different personalities and people of different status and taste, the gift also varies. A man of great ambition, birthday or celebration day, if you can send some "high-hung", "success" means gift, he will be satisfied. Junior gifts to our elders, to select care, nourishing gift is appropriate. Recipient is a businessman, you have to send us some "Fortune", "business is booming" symbolic gifts.
(3) gift-giving season
"you will miss your family when it is a Festival" will make you think and a family reunion, then might as well send some good luck in the reunion thing; children's day, adults would consider giving children some toys, school supplies, gifts, it is also promoting family, a method of encouraging progress. Therefore, different time, gifts to express different feelings.
(4) gift-giving environment
"Lanzhou presses, hand face tears" lovers parting mood, such as sending gifts such as jewelry are better able to express the continuing truth of the world. Train with a long four-year classmate, now each rush end, to my dear friends left a beautifully albums or phone book will be the love never ends. Different circumstances, different gifts needed to declare.
(5) custom
Valentine's Day Roses, love in China, and in some countries in Western Europe are considered to be immoral. In China, the Han Chinese Spring Festival in some places like to send pork foods, the Hui, or Muslim country is a symbol of insulting the ancestors. Therefore, different customs, different national beliefs, their gifts are different.

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